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Casper Skinner

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Casper Skinner is a student of Media Arts and Geography at the University of South Carolina. They also studied Civil Engineering for two years! In their classes, Casper is currently studying gentrification, the development of the urban landscape, architecture, and infrastructure in the United States. They expect to graduate in December of 2022.


In their career, they aim to work in projects based around design and innovation that aim to build up and help their local communities. Currently, Casper is working on exploring career avenues in the fields of architecture and urban design.


In pre-COVID times, Casper spent their time studying, going to art workshops and shows, doing volunteer graphic design for organizations in the community, and being a camp counselor in the summers. 


Casper likes a challenge, however, and used to time in 2020 to work on learning new skills outside of their main interests, including AutoCAD, animation, scriptwriting, and videogame design. They also used their spare time to both enjoy and study stories and how they are conveyed in different media of: books, comics, animations, TV shows, movies, and videogames.

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